Thursday, March 26, 2009

Farm pond fishing

On Monday I decided to get out from the computer, take a break and go hit a local pond. This particular pond is about 4-acres and sits in a bowl surrounded on three sides by woods. The farm is a 250-acre working cattle farm that also harbors a good population of whitetail deer.

The property belongs to a friend’s uncle and I don’t fish it without him, so when the invitation came I jumped. We proceeded to catch four bass in an hour of fishing from a johnboat. Each of the fish were 15-16-inch fish and were caught slow rolling a spinnerbait parallel to an emerging grass line. These were not vicious strikes, but more lethargic. You were working your lure along and suddenly it would feel heavy and the blade would stop turning. That was the key to set the hook.

We didn't have time to thoroughly fish the pond, but felt good that we did figure out a pattern. All in all a good day, but still waiting for the opportunity to get the boat out and hit one of the bigger lakes.

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