Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deer do crazy things

Veteran hunters know that deer do strange things during the “rut” or mating season, especially big bucks with love on their mind. That does not explain the recent rash behavior of a few post-rut whitetails recently.

In Baraboo, WI a whitetail broke into a motel, went for a swim and checked out unscathed on Friday the 13th.

“The front desk called me, and there was only an hour left to Friday the 13th," Manager George Zapuchlak told the Baraboo News Republic. "The phone rings at 10 (minutes) to 12 and I said, 'You've got to be kidding me.' "

Apparently a security officer was on his way to lock up the pool area when he startled four deer. Three of the deer fled to the nearby woods while the fourth busted through a glass door and went for a dip.

A deer in Clarksville, TN was evidently trying his hand at trick or treat when the young buck got his head stuck in a plastic jack o lantern.

We started receiving calls on Monday about this deer, but responding officers couldn’t get close to it,” said Deputy Chief Frankie Gray told the Tennessean. “We were hoping that we wouldn’t have to destroy it.”
Clarksville police officers lassoed the animal and were able to remove the plastic bucket and the deer trotted away unharmed.

My personal favorite is the story of three deer went on a beer run in Pennsylvania.
The deer scampered through an open door at a liquor store, shopped around for a few moments, before scampering out the back door and disappearing. The incident was caught on store security cameras and can be viewed at:

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