Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dale Hollow winter fishing

If you like to tangle with big bronzebacks and you are not afraid of the cold, winter is a good time to be on Legendary Dale Hollow Lake.

I was there on Thursday for a fishing trip/photo shoot. It is what we in the business call a working trip, but I won't pretend like there was a lot of work involved. Kentucky Outdoors magazine's General manager Doug Moutardier and I went down Tueday night and hit the water Wednesday to fish the float 'n' fly, one of the best techniques for wintertime smallies.

We met up with guide Bobby Gentry, the "Smallmouth Guru" Stephen Headrick, guide Jonathon Spears and internet design specialist Preston Moore.

The float 'n' fly is rigged using a 9 or 10 foot spinning rod and reel combination, spooled with Berkley Fireline. Attach a three-way swivel, a 12-15 foot fluorocarbon leader and a 1/16 hair jig. On the third arm of the swivel attach a Bob's Bobber and you are ready.

The fishing was pretty good and according to Headrick will improve as the temperatures continue to drop this winter.

"The colder it gets, the better the float 'n' fly works," Headrick said.

The day was a success. Fish were caught, nobody got cold and caught hypothermia (high was 65 degrees that day) and I managed to sort through 355 photos when I got back.

If you would like a guided trip on Dale Hollow you can call Bobby Gentry at (270)427-0419. For more information on the float 'n' fly and to order the needed tackle you can visit

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