Friday, May 22, 2009

Kentucky hunters set record harvest

Kentucky’s recently completed spring turkey season was a success as hunters harvested a record 29,006 birds. That eclipsed the old mark of 28,797 birds in 2006.

“Despite the bad weather, turkey hunters are dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen,” said Karen Alexy, wildlife division director for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “They still got out there and made this the best season ever.”

poult counts last summer were the highest in the 25-year history of the program, which left many predicting a fabulous harvest for this spring.

“We had more birds on the ground than probably at any time in modern history,” said Steven Dobey, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s turkey program coordinator. “Interest in turkey hunting continues to grow. That, combined with the record number of turkeys on the ground, resulted in a phenomenal season.”

KDFWR officials should know in a matter of months how successful this years hatch is.

“By early fall, we’ll have a post-harvest estimate of what the population looks like,” said Dobey. “I expect it to be great – those hens made it through the spring season and are nested now.”

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